Another year goes by, and at Ovlac we are proud of our presence in this year of adaptations and back to normality.

The opening of trade fairs to the general public has proven how much we all wanted to see each other again and meet first hand all the news from the industry, and you can see that easily with the involvement from our distributors, and ours,as well.
Ever since the year started, we didn´t stop at all, Lamma, Bata Agro, Innovagri, Agriplanta, Agromek, Agrovid...
An authentic national and european tour, where we could acknowledge the good feelings that´s been sheltering us all this years: inflow, interest, and specially, the magnificient work of our distributors, both national and international, when it comes to spread Ovlac's quality commitment with our costumers.

Not only we have maintained the pressence that we built all this years, Ovlac has also expanded our territory! That´s why we want to welcome our new distributors into Ovlac's family: Terradom in Croacia, Biocom in Bielorrusia, y Eplosur Maquinaria in Uruguay!

Besides, we have launched to the market the new version of our well-known XPerience: The XPerience On-Land.
The XP-OL has all the features that you love from the XPerience, plus being able to labor both in and out of the furrow, something that helps both in an economic and ergonomic level, making the farmer's posture the most comfortable that it can be in that situation, and generating less traction, therefore consuming less fuel.

Lot of activity, lot of trade fairs, many new contacts, and especially a lot of anticipation for keeping showing why soil is our passion, thank you so much for joining us through this year, see you all with even more energy and excitement in 2023! Happy New Year!