As a Spanish manufacturer, Ovlac exhibited its soil tillage machinery at FIMA. This is the most important agricultural fair in Spain, which celebrated its 60th edition. Ovlac's stand had a large selection of its flagship models, showing its commitment to innovation. Numerous visitors were interested in various products, among which the following stood out.

First of all, the XP/XP-OL models. These are suspended reversible ploughs with a very tough axis made from a single piece. The XP can be adjusted manually by changing the position of the support bolted to the frame, with 4 different widths. The XP-OL, thanks to its advanced design, is adapted to work in and out of the furrow. The most notable change on this model is an oversized fork with 2 cylinders: one controls the width of the first body; the other is responsible for closing the plough so that it can be turned over. Incidentally, being able to work out of the furrow requires less traction, which translates into fuel savings.

The Mini N played a major role. It combines the advantages of traditional ploughing and minimum tillage; it should be noted that traditional turning tillage is the best and most sustainable method of pest control. This simple, light and robust implement has been specifically designed as a shallow plough to handle large volumes of residue at shallow depths (between 8 and 20 cm). The action of its coulters breaks the capillarity of the soil, helping to reduce evaporation and keeping moisture in the deep layers, especially in dry periods. A notable advantage of the Mini is that it works out of the furrow, which avoids bottom soil compaction.

The Versatill 3-13P is distinguished by its multifunctionality. It is a large capacity cultivator, in 2 and 3 rows, which allows 3 different operations to be carried out with a single implement: a shallow cultivation operation, a deep mixing operation and a chisel operation. In addition, this model has the Non-Stop Hydro System, which allows it to adapt to different soil conditions by regulating the pressure. The boom is always in the correct working position, there is less wear and tear on the joints and the frame is protected against overexertion.

The XLander 3-22 left a very good impression. Ovlac revolutionised the traditional cultivator or semi-chisel by fitting an innovative safety system based on rubber elastomers. The advantages were enormous, as the play caused by wear on the moving parts was eliminated and it was also maintenance-free. It was soon in demand, it was so successful that Ovlac set a new quality standard that became a benchmark. One of its innovations is the alternating arrangement of short and long arms, ensuring a substantial improvement in waste flow for clog-free operation. All versions of the XLander can be equipped with a variety of rollers, scrapers and, optionally, tungsten carbide-plated tips.

The folding Maxidisc 400P also attracted a lot of attention. It is the latest generation of fast harrows from Ovlac. Compact and sturdy in design, it offers high performance. It allows you to work in all types of terrain and on all crops without the volume of residue being a problem. Depending on the working conditions, it can be equipped with 20" or 24" discs to reach depths between 5 and 15 cm. The discs are mounted on independent arms for more uniform work in the event of obstacles. In addition, the Maxidisc is equipped with Non Stop safety based on 40 mm elastomers, which ensure a slack-free suspension without the need for lubrication.This model, which provides speed and efficiency, is foldable, making it easy to transport.

The MCHV 2-9i (Ready for interstock) aroused interest. It is aimed at the professional winegrower and is a unique tool in its sector for several reasons: the 35*35 mm arms with high clearance, the arms offset within the same row to improve the flow of waste and avoid blockages, the standard hydraulic telescopic chassis and, of course, the exclusive Non Stop system using 100% maintenance-free elastomers as there are no elements subject to friction and therefore no wear and tear.

Last but not least, the Minivid 12+14 Pro was convincing. It is a short disc harrow designed specifically for vine cultivation. It is equipped with HEL steel and maintenance-free bearings. The passage of this machine leaves the ground perfectly levelled and the vines are not affected by the side limits. The front row projects the soil outwards, while the rear row, which is wider, projects it towards the centre of the machine. The roller completes the work by levelling and weeding out. The result is a flawless, clog-free labor, thanks to the toothed discs and the aggressive angle of attack. The Minivid Pro is ideal for service companies because, thanks to the hydraulic width adjustment, the same machine can work on roads with a width difference of up to 50 cm.

In conclusion, the Ovlac team's visit to FIMA left a good impression, and its high level of specialisation was evident. Hence the demand for its wide range of products, which satisfies the most demanding field professionals. Ovlac exhibited in Spain, once again leaving its seal of quality.