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The result of the experience

Mouldboard ploughs have been Ovlac flagship product since more than 80 years ago, when the company was established. Since then, Ovlac ploughs have been distributed over all the five continents.

A reduced working depth, up to 25 cm, provides efficient turning of the soil and burying of trash on the one hand, while enabling large working widths and, therefore, high working yields on the other.


Made to be endure even in the toughest conditions.

A wide range of possibilities.

Specially designed for vineyard operations.

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Ovlac, profitable technology


Manufacturer of farming equipment since 1936


State of the art manufacturing techniques and in-house research and development department


Our goal is to offer our clients reliable products which they can be proud of.


OVLAC answers to the demanding german market

Ovlac is a company with over 20 years of experience in export; its growth in an international scale is a faithful reflection of a bet for quality....


Hydraulic Auto Reset

Ovlac ploughs featuring hydraulic stone protection are designed to work in any kind of soil

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80 years of experience. Exporting to 20 countries.


Get information about spare parts


Get information about spare parts

Ovlac, plough manufacturer

Ovlac is a family company which has been manufacturing farming equipment since 1936. Since its beginnings, Ovlac has focused its activity in manufacturing mouldboard ploughs which has been the company´s flagship product for decades and still is today.

Thanks to our state of the art manufacturing techniques, and our in-house research and development department, we can guarantee a high quality in our products.

Our team consists of some 60 motivated and experienced professionals who work in our modern facilities, which take up more than 20.000 square meters, between industrial units (10.000 m2) and logistic zones.