The company Ovlac has as a principle to keep a tight relationship with its distributors, since they are the ones that make this models reachable for farmers that are looking for effective solutions for The Field. Trust and professionality are values that work in favor of this relationship.

With this in mind, Ovlac joined their distributor Tadys for a new edition of Innov-Agri, which took place at Ondes (France). Innov-Agri, with over 30 years of experience, enabled more than 80 hectares that served as an stage to see on land the latest news of the main brands in the sector. At Innov-Agri demonstration and research are used at the new agricultural processes to showcase the future of the agriculture in the country.
Ovlac and Tadys shared two days with a great assistance sucess.Ovlac's stand received numerous visits. A lot of this visits repeated the experience in order to acquire new models, which reflects its great demand. Tadys'  expertise at the set-up service has definitely contributed to it. Its attention to quality guarantee that the cotumer is set and ready to start laboring its lands, by adjusting the machine to the neesds of the terrain to make a precise and professional labor, in accordance with Ovlac's category of products.


Is worth mentioning that, even though Ovlac entered into the french market through the Mini, the success obtained by its brand image has been opening the path for other products from its wide range. This circunstance has allowed for french farmers to know the reach of its specialitation as a manufacturer of soil-working machinery.
We consider that the brand's growth depends of the true professionals feedback, the farmers. Because of that, we know that Ovlac high quality products, along with Tadys' excelent set-up service, makes the perfect combination for the french farmers.

Throughout the 2 days of the event, it was presented a very representative selection of products from the company from Palencia, which had a great welcome by the several visitors.



First of all, Mini NH 9+1V. This model gathers all the advantages from traditional labor and shallow ploughing, being able to manage big amounts of waste. Mini is a simple, light and very tough plough that, in addition, can work out-of-furrow.

The XPHV-OL 5+1 180/95 was a surprise as well. Made out of HEL steel, incorporating the toughest axis of the company, no welding and hollow for hoses to go through. Its parallelogram system allows a soft and simple regulation  from the tractor´s cabin, even on the move. It´s worth mentioning that the new On Land version can work both in and out-of-the-furrow.

The XLander MCH-3-25-PV stand out by its solidity. XLander model has some amazing posibilities of equipment. It has a very tough chasis based on a potent central frame, with all of its articulations, turns and other elements made in HEL steel. Its been conceived to incorporate any kind of rear accesorie, which makes it very efficient and easy to adapt to multiple works and conditions.

The new Versatill 3-10 revealed its polivalency. It´s a great capacity cultivator of 2 and 3 rows, which allow to make 3 different labors with a single machine: shallow labor, mix in depth and chísel. Plus, its hydraulic security system adds great advantages, allowing a saving in fuel up to 30% and a decrease of waste up to 20%. A very affordable cultivator.

The same way, the Maxidisc II 400P/30 turned heads due to its contribution of speed, efficiency and rentability. Is a machine of compact and diaphanous design, able to work at all kind of lands and crops, with waste volume not being an inconvenience. The discs, 20” or 24”, are mounted over independent arms, making it easier for a more even labor before possible obstacles.

Definitively, Ovlac, with 86 years of experience, was once again among the main manufacturers of agricultural machinery at one of the most relevant fairs of the sector, where innovation is the main show.