After 4 years, a new edition of Agromek took place in Herning. It created a lot of anticipation, since most exhibitors wished to attend this important event.
Ovlac, through its distributor Farm Implement, introduced its products and news in danish lands. The stand claimed the attention of bountiful visits. The event, as usual, registered a great attendance.

Among the news is a detail to remark the EcoFlow share for sticky soils, which was awarded with 2 stars as “Agromek's Technical Innovation”. By the way, these 2 stars are given to the laboring option of working with or without reversible tip, depending on the field conditions, which is decisive for shallow ploughing, avoiding the upper layer of resistance on the ground at light soils. Other new was the VC version, specifically designed for very wide tractors, even with twin wheels.
The hydraulic wheels were also a surprise, designed for a more progressive way in and out at the headstocks, eliminating the "saw tooth". Ovlac´s innovative spirit remains patent once more.



Regarding the displayed models, XPerience XPHV-5-180 outstanded, which incorporates noticeable upgrades, such as a super tough and hollow edge to let the hoses goe through, made out of a single piece, no wielding or possibilities of breaking. Besides, its paralelogram system allows for a soft and simple regulation from the very tractor´s cabin, even when moving. XPerience construction is made of HEL (High Elastic Limit) steel, which assures its durability and performance at any terrain. XP models (XPF and XPH) can be manually adjusted by changing the position of the holder screwed to the frame, with 4 different widths of 5 cm each. As distinguished elements of the XPerience there´s the fixed linkage or Ovlac´s very own oscillating shaft; Is the oscillating shaft the ones that manages an automatic regulation of the draw line and the side drift, achieving and always-straight labor. Its automatic block at heights o during its transportation gives a lot of safety. It is worth mentioning that the XP-V models (XPFV and XPHV) includes Ovlac's system Varilabor, which allows to change the width of each body between 30 and 55 cm from the cabin.
The XPerience, available in 3 series (130, 150 and 180) and 2 security systems (shearbolt and hydraulic), is designed to adapt to medium and high powers. Plus, it can be set up according to the costumer´s needs and land type.

The Mini-NH-9+2-VC also caught the spotlight, with a working width of 4,23 m.
Ovlac's Mini is thought to gather all the advantages of the traditional laboring  and shallow ploughing. In this sense, traditional ploughing is the best and most sustainable method of plagues and pest control. When it comes to bio-agriculture, it is the only one, since phitosanitary products aren´t allowed.
The Mini was designed as a shallow plough to manage important volumes of waste at shallow depth (between 8 and 20 cm). Shallow turning favors the forming of cavities where the air and earth adequately decompose and mineralize the straw, making a humus-clay substance that improves the natural fertility of the soil, and therefore its productivity in the long term.

Furthermore, the SH-4-130 was showcased, more oriented to Norway, where a lot of people at Agromek comes from. According to the regulation of the working width, there´s 2 models: the SH, which has an hydraulic regulation of in bewteen 30 and 50 cm per body aproximately; and the LH, which allows to fix the working width into 4 positions by hand. There´s 4 series or building structures according to the available power.
Let´s remember that Ovlac ploughs incorporate the hydraulic Non Stop security system, which has been conceived minimizing the number of moving elements, which raises reliability to the most and eliminates the need of maintenance.

In conclussion, Ovlac was satisfied with its presence at the biggest agricultural fair in the north of Europe. Really great feelings, plus big expectations for 2023 in this market.