Since 2011, AgriPlanta is the celebration of agriculture´s passion in Romania. That's why, by the hand of Marius Mitra, its representative in the country, Ovlac assisted to this popular fair from 2nd to 5th of June.

At this edition, AgriPlanta-RomaAgroTec gathered successfully once again the most important sectors of Romanian agriculture at an open-air event, that ocuppied an area of 36 ha. of exposition, testing and show-off areas with agricultural machinery.
Besides, AgriPlanta-RomaAgroTec is a platform for socialization and communication, dedicated to create connections between farmers and brands of the sector.

At Ovlac's stand, Juan de Celis, Marius Mitra, Mihaela Netoiu (Cesivo) and Puiu Andronache (Techfarm), took care of introducing the visitors to a selection of its most popular products.

Marius, Juan, Mihaela and Puiu at Ovlac´s stand at Agriplanta 2022

First, the reversible plough version Vario (SF). A plough with a wide range of bodies, automatic memory system, hydraulic 1st body adjustment, oscilating shaft, 90 cm clearance and 105 cm inter-body distance for crops with great volumes of waste.

The Mini plough NF 9+2 was also the protagonist. It gathers the advantages of the traditional ploughing (the best and more sustainable method for plague-control and the only one at bio-agriculture) and minimum labor, able of managing great amounts of waste. Plus, the Mini is a simple plough, light and very tough, able to work out of the furrow.

The Maxidisc 4 m. created a great impact as well. A machine with a compact and diaphanous design, super tough, made to work at any kind of terrain and crop without the waste volume being a problem. The discs, of 20” or 24”, are mounted over independent tines, favoring a more uniform labor before posible obstacles. It has maintenance-free bushings, which guarantees its well-functioning even at the most demanding conditions. No doubt that the Maxidisc is the perfect tool for the modern farmer that looks for speed, eficiency and profitability.

And what to say about the Mounted Versatill 3/15! A polivalent cultivator of great capacity that allows to do shallow labor, mixing in depth labor and chisel labor. All this supported by Hidraulic Non Stop security system, whose adaptation capacity allows for the arms to always be on the correct position, with less waste, and with the frame protected before the transmission of overcharge.

By last, the Minivid aroused great interest. This short disc harrow, conceived specifically for vineyard, leaves the terrain perfectly leveled without afecting the vineyards thanks to its side plates, which avoid land proyections. Plus, the plant´s foot remains cleared because the soil from both sides is projected towards the inside. Likewise, thanks to its toothed discs and the agressive attack angle, the Minivid makes a flawless labor without clogging, independently of the vegetation´s height.

Once again, as the biggest spanish manufacturer of soil-working machinery, Ovlac made it clear that its passion is the most innovating agriculture, this time, at Romanian lands, in AgriPlanta 2022.