The most relevant event in agricultural machinery of United Kingdom will take place in Birmingham 4th and 5th of May. We're talking about Lamma, which celebrates its 40th anniversary. Ovlac will attend as an exhibitor, which suppose a great opportunity in a market where it's been 10 years commercializing its innovative products with great aceptance. More than 600 companies from all around the world will gather to showcase its innovations.

Ovlac, the biggest spanish manufacturer specialized in soil-working machinery, will present a selection of products, such as the XPerience XPHV-5+1-180/95, the last innovation in reversible ploughs. After more than 15 years marketing them at more than 20 countries, with the consequent experience, Ovlac decided it was the moment to take a further step in its S and L series models. That’s precisely how XPerience was born, a mounted reversible plough which represents the future of our flagship products in the company.

Among its improvements is worth mentioning a super tough axis with holes for the hoses to go through, made out of a single piece, no welding and no chance of breaking. Besides, its parallelogram system allows for a soft and simple regulation from the tractor’s cabin, even on the move. It’s also worth mentioning the new design of the legs, which assure an optimization in the flow of wastes, while its compact design allows to work up to the edge of the plot.
On the other hand, the setting of the wheel can change its position from rear to advanced . It’s necessary to emphasize that the manufacturing of the XPerience is made with High Elastic Limit (HEL) steel, which assures its durability and performance at any kind of soil. XP (XPF and XPH) models can be adjusted manually by changing the position of the holder bolted to the frame, with 4 different widths of 5 cm each.

As distinctive features of the XPerience there is the fix link or the oscillating bar, characteristic from Ovlac; the last one achieves an automatic regulation of the línea de tiro and the side drifting of the plough, managing a labor that maintain always a straight line. Its automatic block when elevating or at transport makes it an essential element of security.
All the XP-V models (XPFV and XPHV) include the Ovlac Varilabor system, which allows to change the working width of each body between 30 and 55 cm from the tractor’s cabin. Besides, the Automatic Memory System, available in models of 5 and 6 bodies, it allows to retract the 1st body to its minimum width for a smooth turning and avoid hitting the ground with its tail, coming back to the previously selected width after the turning.

Available in 3 series (130, 150 and 180) and 2 security systems (shearbolt and hydraulic), is designed to adapt to mid and high power. Whereas the series 130 and 150 are available in 4 or 5 bodies, the series 180 counts with 5 or 6 bodies, because it’s thought for the most powerful tractors. With all the different options for bodies, rear accesories and wheels, the XPerience can be adjusted so it adapts to the costumer needs and its land.


Also the model MINI-NH-7+2-V will be showcased. We must remember that Ovlac’s Mini is conceived to merge the advantages of the traditional ploughing and minimum labor. In this way, traditional turning labor is, hands down, the best and more sustainable method for plague control. When it comes to bio- agriculture is, even, the only possible way since phytosanitary products are not allowed.
The Mini has been designed specifically as a shallow plough able to manage important volumes of waste at shallow depth (between 8 and 20 cm). This shallow turn favors the making of cavities where air and water adequatelly decompose the straw and mineralize it, producing cleyey-hummus substance that increases soil’s natural fertility and, therefore, its long-term productivity. Besides, the breaking action of the shares breaks the soil’s capillarity, which contributes to lower the evaporation and to preserve the deep layers humidity, specially in dry periods.

An added advantage of the Mini is its off-the-furrow labor, which avoids the compaction of the labor’s bottom. Likewise, the Mini’s shallow labor reduces power consumption in a proportional way. Working at 15 cm requires less than half the power than 30 cm. This allow bigger working widths, up to 40% more than with a traditional plough with the same power; The Mini gathers traditional turning labor with working widths characteristic from minimum tillage. To this costs reduction operation, you can add Mini’s own conception: simple, light, and as a result, extremely tough.


At last, the models VERSATILL 2-13P and VERSATILL 2-11 will be showcased as well. After experimenting a constant evolution and the expansion to new markets, the innovation has been embodided in our cultivators, always aiming for the maximum quality. This way, after years of experience with CH and Versatill models, and keeping in mind how to do thid machines more efficient and profitable, Ovlac launches the new Versatill, a truly polivalent cultivator.

La versatilidad de los aperos Ovlac, la principal fortaleza para su expansión internacional

But enough with the words, let’s go straight to the facts. What makes the Versatill the maximum exponent of the stubble cultivators?

  • Super tough structure in High Elastic Limit (HEL) steel, made to endure and adapt to the most extreme conditions of dry and stoney soils in Europe.
  • A hydraulic security system that, thanks to the adjustable trigger pressure, the new Versatill is able to adapt to light soils as well as to heavier or more compacted ones.
  • Its 2 or 3 rows of big clearance arms are an outstanding improvement in the flow of wastes, which allows to work in the hardest conditions, plus, it incorporates standardcarbide tungsten points, which guarantee an optimum penetration angle throughout all its useful life. This implies fuel savings up to 30%.
  • Several working bodies available to perform all kind of tasks: from shallow crop labor to chisel labor at 35-40 cm depths.
  • Its rear accesories: a set of the best tools from Ovlac to manage a perfect finish, as well as an easy and precise regulation. Its discs or levelling leafsprings covers the furrows of the arms and provides an even base for a roller, to choose between our broad range available, to break and reconsolidate the land.
  •  Available in mounted or trailed versions, it can adapt to different powers.


In summary, a selection of Ovlac products will show its quality and innovation at Lamma, the best showcase of agricultural machinery in United Kingdom. Come over and visit us at the Hall 19, Stand 19, 4th-5th of May, we'll be delighted with your visit!