New Versatill: Ovlac's multi-purpose cultivator

Spain has established itself as the leading European market for vertical tillage tools. The variations in temperatures and terrain that occur in the Iberian Peninsula have served as the testing ground in which to develop machinery that meets the expectations of the most demanding farmers.
Through constant evolution and expansion into new markets, new layers of innovation have been added to our cultivators throughout the process in search of maximum quality.
Thus, after years of experience with the CH and Versatill models and taking into account how to make this equipment more effective and profitable, Ovlac is now launching the new Versatill, a truly POLIVALENT cultivator.

But let's leave history aside, and let's get down to the facts: what makes the Versatill the ultimate stubble cultivator?

-Super robust construction in High Elastic Limit Steel (HEL), built to withstand and adapt to the most extreme dry and stony soil conditions in Europe.

-Hydroneumatic safety system: thanks to the adjustable trigger pressure, the new Versatill is able to adapt to light soils as well as to the heaviest or most compacted soils.

-The 2 or 3 rows of high clearance arms provide a greatly improved residue flow for working in the most difficult conditions. They are also equipped with tungsten carbide tips as standard, ensuring an optimum angle of penetration throughout the life of the tungsten carbide tips. This results in fuel savings of up to 30%.

-Several working bodies available to perform all kinds of tasks: from shallow cultivation to chisel work at depths of 35-40 cm.

-Its rear accessories: a set of the best Ovlac tools for a perfect finish, designed for easy and precise adjustment. Its levelling discs or leaf springs cover the grooves of the arms and provide a uniform base for a roller, to be chosen from the wide range available, to weed and reconsolidate the ground.

-Available in mounted or trailed versions, ready to adapt to different power ratings.

Still not convinced? Discover all the advantages of the Versatill's adaptability at the following link