The Ovlac Mini is designed to combine the advantages of traditional ploughing and minimum tillage.

Traditional tillage is undoubtedly the best and most sustainable method of pest control. In the case of organic farming, it is even the only one possible because it does not allow the application of pesticides.

The Mini has been specifically designed as a shallow plough to manage large volumes of residue at a shallow depth (between 8 and 20 cm). This shallow turning favours the formation of cavities where air and water properly decompose the straw and mineralise it, producing a clay-humic complex that increases the natural fertility of the soil and, therefore, its long-term productivity.

In addition, the action of the coulters breaks the capillarity of the soil, which helps to reduce evaporation and conserve moisture in the deep layers, especially in dry periods.

An added advantage of the Mini is that it works out of the furrow, which completely avoids bottom compaction.

In addition, the Mini's shallow operation reduces power consumption more than proportionally. Working at 15 cm requires less than half the power of working at 30 cm. This enables larger working widths, up to 40% more than with a traditional plough with the same power. Traditional ploughing with working widths typical of minimum tillage techniques.

In addition to this reduction in operating costs, the Mini is also designed to be simple and lightweight, yet - or perhaps because of this - extremely robust.

Watch the oscillating shaft, available on all Ovlac ploughs, in action in the following video.

Main advantages

  • Up to 5 m working width.
  • Shear bolt security system (MINI-NF)  or Hydraulic Auto Reset (MINI-NH).
  • Eco Plus body with 8 mm moldboards and forged shares.

Technical specifications

2024-ENG-Ovlac_ Mini-Technical specifications
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