The Mini-S is the semimounted version of the Mini-N. It is a well known fact that farms and, subsequently, tractors are getting biger and bigger every day. The Mini-S is the answer to a growing need for a big Mini, suitable for tractors of 300 HP and more.

Based on the same structure as a traditional on-land semi monted plough, the new Mini-S is available in 12 or 13 furrows which means ploughing up to 5 m wide! At an average working speed of 8 km/h the yield can get as high as 30-35 ploughed hectares per day.

The same as the mounted range, the Mini-S is available with shearbolt or hydraulic automatic protection.

Watch the oscillating shaft, available on all Ovlac ploughs, in action in the video below.

Main advantages:

  • Trailed version of the popular Mini reversible.
  • Suitable for 300 HP tractors.

Technical specifications:

2024-ENG-Ovlac_ Mini-Technical specifications


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