S/L Series

Ovlac S/L Series ploughs are equipped with a Hydraulic Non Stop Security System as well as Shearbolt Security System, designed to work on all types of terrains.

Ovlac's Hydraulic Non Stop system is designed to minimise the number of moving parts. This maximises reliability and completely eliminates the need for maintenance. On light soils, it is possible to lower the trigger pressure in order not to bring stones to the surface, while on heavy or compacted soils, the trigger pressure can be raised. In addition, in the fusible models, the bolt is calculated to break at a peak pressure around 3,000 kg.

There are two series depending on the working width adjustment. The SH/SF model is hydraulically adjustable between approximately 30 and 50 cm per body (depending on the body spacing), while in the LH/LF model, the working width can be set manually in 4 positions.

There are also 4 series or constructive structures depending on the available power. Thus, the frame, headstock and other key elements are dimensioned according to the effort to be exerted.

Ovlac reversible ploughs are the result of many years of experience. This is reflected in their design. The frame is reinforced at the front and weld-free to eliminate stress points. Short distance from the first body to the hitch to minimise lifting effort. Ease of use and adjustment (e.g. skimmers can be adjusted without tools). Different types of wheels and all types of accessories to adapt to any use and conditions.

For lighter soils, we have the light series of Ovlac reversible ploughs, which allow for a simpler machine structure and can therefore significantly reduce the weight of the machine.

In addition, one of the distinguishing features of Ovlac implements is the fixed hitch or Ovlac's own oscillating hitch, which automatically adjusts the draft line and the side drift of the plough to ensure that the plough always works straight. Its automatic locking during lifting or transport makes it an essential safety feature.

Watch the oscillating hitch, available on all Ovlac ploughs, in action in the following video:

Main advantages:

  • Adjustable break away force between 90 and 140 bar depending on ground conditions.
  • Infinitely variable working width ( SH/SF )  or manually adjustable in 4 steps (LH/LF).
  • 4 Series depending on the available power.

Technical specs:


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