A new edition of Agritechnica took place in Hannover. This trade fair, given its size, was a major event. It is Europe's largest agricultural trade fair, an unmissable event for brands such as Ovlac. This manufacturer, which specialises in soil tillage machinery, brought a selection of its most emblematic products. All of them were showcased in the great showcase that this fair represents, demonstrated by the large number of visitors to its stand and the many contacts made.

During the event, the Ovlac staff was accompanied by the Farm Implement team, its distributor in Denmark, Norway and Finland; Marius, its sales representative in Romania, and Nick, its sales representative in the UK and Ireland.

Among the models exhibited by Ovlac, the XPHV-6-OL stood out. This is an XPerience, a suspended reversible plough with a super-tough hollowed axle for the passage of hoses. It is made from a single piece of high elastic limit (HEL) steel, which guarantees performance and durability on any terrain. It incorporates a parallelogram system that allows smooth and easy adjustment from the tractor cab, even while driving. In addition, it can work in and out of the furrow. It has an oversized hairpin with 2 cylinders: one controls the width of the first body; the other is responsible for closing the plough so that it can be turned over. Its great contribution is reducing soil compaction. The XPHV-5-130, which includes the Varilabor system, was also presented. This system allows the working width of each body to be changed between 30 and 55 centimetres hydraulically from the cab. Its Automatic Memory system allows the first body to retract to its minimum width for smooth tipping and avoids hitting the ground with the rear end. It is designed to adapt to medium and high power.

Another surprising model was the Mini NH-9+1 with hydraulic wheel. The Mini has been specifically designed as a shallow plough to manage large volumes of residue at shallow depths (between 8 and 20 cm). It combines the advantages of traditional ploughing and minimum tillage. In this sense, it must be said that traditional tillage is the best and most sustainable method of pest control. It is a light, simple and robust plough with great advantages, such as working outside the furrow, which avoids compacting the bottom of the plough. A distinguishing feature of the Ovlac ploughs is the hitch, which can be either fixed or oscillating, with the latter providing automatic adjustment of the draft line and side drift of the plough, so that the plough maintains a straight line during ploughing.

The Versatill 3-13 P has left its mark. It is a multi-purpose cultivator with a large capacity, in 2 and 3 rows, which allows 3 different operations to be carried out with a single implement: a shallow cultivation operation, a deep mixing operation and a chisel operation. Brilliant! This cultivator is equipped with the Non-Stop Hydro System, which allows it to adapt to different soil conditions by regulating the pressure. The arm is always in the correct working position, where is less wear and tear on the joints and the frame is protected against overstressing.

The XLander 3-22 also attracted lots of attention. It incorporates a safety system based on rubber elastomers, which prevents backlash caused by wear and tear of the moving parts, as well as noise. In addition, it is maintenance-free and its performance is far superior to that of spring systems. After more than 2,000 units sold, it has evolved along with the experience accumulated. Its construction is based on a very robust chassis with a powerful central frame. The joints, pivots and key elements are made of high-tensile steel. All versions of the XLander can be equipped with a wide range of rear accesories, such as rollers and tine harrows.

Finally, the Maxidisc II 400P. It is a very robust, fast harrow with a compact, open-plan design. It stands out for its great flexibility to work in all types of terrain and on any crop, without the volume of residue being a burden. Depending on the working conditions, this machine can be equipped with 20" (510 mm) or 24" (610 mm) discs to reach depths of between 5 and 15 cm. These discs are mounted on independent arms, so that they can adapt perfectly to the uneven terrain, so that only the discs that meet them yield to obstacles. In addition, the Maxidisc is equipped with Non Stop safety based on 40 mm elastomers, which ensure a play-free suspension without the need for lubrication.

Ovlac is a manufacturer that focuses on quality. That's why it showed off at a showcase as important as Agritechnica, where the demands are at their highest. Its innovative models aroused interest and also met expectations.