Ovlac once again attended Lamma, the most important agricultural machinery trade fair in the UK. It took place at the NEC in Birmingham, where industry professionals were able to appreciate the full extent of innovations of the different brands. Ovlac's stand was very busy due to the number of visitors interested in its products. A selection of the most emblematic models were on display.

To start with, the XLander MCH-3-19 surprised with its technical features. Ovlac revolutionised the traditional cultivator or semi-chisel with a new elastomer-based safety device. This is a great advantage because, as there are no moving parts like in spring systems, there is no wear and tear and no maintenance is required. This implement, as a result of accumulated experience, incorporates major innovations. It has a chassis based on a powerful central frame and a range of new rear accessories that make it very versatile. The performance of its arm, whose elastomers are factory-fitted with a specific preload that confers a high initial trigger pressure, is particularly noteworthy. The lifting capacity of this arm exceeds 30 cm.



The XPerience also attracted admiration, in particular the XPHV-OL-6-180/95 and XPHV-5-130/95 models. The XPerience is a suspended reversible plough with a super-robust axle with a hose passage. It is made from a single piece, with no welds and no possibility of breakage. Its parallelogram system allows smooth and easy adjustment from the tractor cab, even while driving. The XPerience is made of spring steel, which guarantees its performance and durability on all kind of terrains.

The XPHV-OL-6-180/95 has an advanced design that allows it to work both in and out of the furrow. The most noticeable change is an oversized fork with 2 cylinders: one controls the width of the first body, the other closes the plough for turning. This makes a major contribution to reducing soil compaction. On the other hand, as it can work out of the furrow, it requires less traction, which saves fuel. The XPHV-5-130/95, like the previous one, includes the Varilabor system, which offers the possibility of changing the working width of each body between 30 and 55 centimetres hydraulically from the cab.



The Mini NH-7+2 also had its place. The Mini has been specifically designed as a shallow plough to manage large volumes of residue at shallow depths (between 8 and 20 cm). It combines the advantages of traditional ploughing and minimum tillage. In this sense, it must be said that traditional tillage is the best and most sustainable method of pest control.

It is a light, simple and robust plough. It has great advantages, such as working outside the furrow, which avoids compacting the bottom of the plough.
The Versatill 3-15P was also on display. It is a multi-purpose cultivator with a large capacity, in 2 and 3 rows, which allows 3 different tasks to be carried out with a single implement: a shallow cultivation task, a deep mixing task and a chisel task. A real achievement. This cultivator has the Non-Stop Hydro System, which allows it to adapt to different soil conditions by regulating the pressure. The arm is always in the correct working position, the joints have less wear and tear and the frame is protected.



Finally, the LH-5-130/95 plough took the centre stage. A reversible plough whose working width can be set in 4 positions manually. It has a reinforced frame at the front and no welds to eliminate stress points. It is very easy to use and to adjust, as well as having different types of wheels and multiple accessories to adapt to any need.

A distinguishing feature of Ovlac ploughs is the brand's own oscillating shaft. Incidentally, the latter provides automatic adjustment of the plough's draft line and side drift, ensuring that the plough remains straight at all times. In addition, its automatic locking system ensures safety when lifting or transporting the plough.

In summary, Ovlac exhibited the most innovative of its wide range of products and also made its mark as a specialist in the manufacture of soil-working machinery. Its penetration rate is increasing in a market as competitive as the British one, which speaks volumes for its quality standards.


Ovlac's Team at Lamma