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The evolution of a unique implement

In 2006, Ovlac revolutionised the traditional cultivator or semi-chisel by incorporating an innovative safety system based on rubber elastomers. The advantages were obvious: the clearance caused by wear and tear on the moving parts, typical of spring-loaded systems, simply disappeared. Even the annoying squeaky noises disappeared. And all of this with absolutely zero maintenance and with a much improved performance compared to spring systems: more than 30 cm of working height, protected chassis as it was not in contact with metallic moorings and therefore did not receive the pressure derived from them, etc.

All we had to worry about was working and replacing skimmers.

Now, after more than 2,000 units sold, Ovlac has incorporated the experience accumulated over all these years into the new XLander.

We set a new quality standard and many have followed our lead. We are proud of this, but we are not satisfied: we will continue to innovate and to break new ground.

The construction of the new XLander is based on a very tough axis with a powerful central frame. All joints, pivots and key elements are made of high-elastic-limit steel. Another important innovation is the alternating arrangement of short and long arms, ensuring, especially on the two-row models, a significant improvement in waste flow for clog-free labor. Finally, the Minichisel Xlander is designed to be able to be equipped with all kinds of rear attachments at any time, making it a versatile tool that can be adapted to a multitude of jobs and conditions.

All versions of the XLander can be equipped with a variety of rollers as well as a 2- or 3-row tine harrow, an intermediate blade harrow or a harrow with 16 mm tines at an adjustable angle. Tungsten carbide plate tines are also available as an option.

Technical specs


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