Ovlac's sales grew by 5% during 2015, as figures reflect this positive turnover in the year’s report. The largest manufacturer in Spain of soil working equipment believes it is quite a good outcome taking into consideration the difficulties experimented both in national and international markets. The company would like to remark the important effort made by its dealers to achieve these results.

Ovlac, the largest manufacturer of soil working equipment in Spain

Ovlac achieved positive results during 2015 in the Spanish market, even though drought conditions predicted no big sales. It has consolidated its position as the leading Spanish manufacturer of soil working equipment, due to its fast answer to its clients requirements.

Quality and tailored solutions for international markets

2015 has been a remarkably adverse year for agricultural machinery sales in most of international markets, specially in Russia, Ukraine, and European markets such as France or Germany. However, Ovlac has managed to keep its exports at similar levels as last year. In this case, its ability to adapt its models to any kind of market or agriculture, with customizable equipment, has been the key to success. The company sells 60% of its production abroad.

Ovlac expects to reach similar figures in 2016, as it will expand its range of products to reach new markets, and will also release additional investments to increase its staff and improve its production equipment in the factory.