Ovlac's soil working equipment will be on tour all over UK with its distributor Halse of Honiton that has scheduled an amazing road show including the best shows, trade fairs, towns and places from North to South.

The tour began on July 30-31 at Fife, Scotland, where a 3m Chisel was on display with Halse of Honiton's dealer Foster Bruce. And continues today Wednesday 3rd August showcasing a AV200 plough at the North Devon Show with the dealer Short and Abbott.

Tomorrow August 4th, it will be on display at Honiton Show on the Halse Stand a 3m Versatill cultivator and an AV 200 plough with Advance wheel.

Next week, 17th August, Halse of Honiton will have on display at Shaftesbury Dorset Show a Versatill cultivator and the AV plough.

And on the 25th of August, Holsworthy show will have on display the AV plough with our dealer Short and Abott.

World Ploughing championship match

World Ploughing championship plough match is always an amazing event and Halse of Honiton will be at York North Yorkshire from September 8th to 11th with and static stand with its dealer Scrutons showcasing a selection of Ovlac's most adapted equipment to the Uk's soil conditions.

The following Wednesday, 14th of September, Halse of Honiton will have a ½ ha working demo plot at this year’s Tillage Event in Warwickshire. With its dealer P and D Tractors, Ovlac's distributor will be demonstrating a 3m Versatill cultivator and the AV200 5 furrow plough.

The 17th of September, it will be on display at The Royal Berkshire Show, with dealer Cannings, the AV plough.

And last, but not least, the 5th of October  Halse of Honiton will have on display the AV Plough at The South West Dairy Event.

Ovlac is increasing the presence of its brand in the UK where they appreciate how easy is to customize its machines with a large list of optional accessories and configurations, adapting them to the UK soil and working conditions and requirements.

OVLAC on Tour UK with Halse of Honiton