• 100% maintenance-free leaf spring auto reset system.
  • Great clearance: 85 cm under the frame y 95 cm row spacing.
  • Mínimum running cost.



Ovlac´s Chisel is a leaf spring Auto reset stubble cultivator of  great clearance -85 under the frame and 95cm between rows- for a working depth of up to 40 cm. Available in 2 or 3 row versions.The leaf spring system stands out over other stone protection systems for its capacity to reduce its pressure as the tine trips up when coming across an obstacle. This results in a lower structural stress on all key parts of the CH. It is as well, a 100% maintenance free system.Ovlac´s Chisel can be fitted with a wide selection of accessories such as rollers -cage, double roller, leaf spring roller...-, rear disc harrrow, wing shares for shallow cultivation, etc.Its 100*100 mm frame and the HEL steel tines, which allow for a high flexibility -even in a side direction-, make it capable of working in the toughest and most demanding conditions.  

Technical specs

CH-72 m2 m75 – 10064076085 cm27,5 cm
CH-92,5 m2,5 m100 – 13582097085 cm27,5 cm
CH-113 m3 m125 – 1651000118085 cm27,5 cm
CH-133,5m3,7 m145 – 1951185139085 cm27,5 cm
CH-154,1 m4,3 m160 – 2251340160085 cm27,5 cm
CH-15-P4,25 m3 m160 – 2251510176085 cm28,5 cm
CH-17-P4,85 m3 m180 – 2501695196585 cm28,5 cm
CH-19-P5,4 m3 m200 – 2851925217585 cm28,5 cm
CH-21-P6 m3 m220 – 3002160238585 cm28,5 cm


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