Since 2011, AgriPlanta is the celebration of agricultural passion in Romania. Of course, we couldn´t miss this unique opportunity to see first hand the agricultural and technological influences of the industry, with our international salesman Juan De Celis, accompanied by Marius Mitra and Loredana Marinescu, sales representatives of Ovlac distributors in Romania, Ovlac joined this popular trade fair from the 25th to the 28th of May.

At this edition, AgriPlanta-RomaAgroTec gather succesfullly once again the most important sectors of romanian agriculture at an open-air event, which occupied a 36 ha area of showcasing, testing grounds, and demonstrations with field machinery. Plus, AgriPlanta-RomaAgroTec is a platform of socializing and communication, dedicated to create links between farmers and the sector's biggest brands.

At Ovlac's stand, Juan de Celis, Marius Mitra, and Loredana Marinescu (CESIVO) took care of introducing the visitors to a selection of its most popular products.

SSF 7+1: our shearbolt version of the reversible semimounted. Depth regulation as well as the 1st body width are always adjusted hydraulically standard. If the tractor doesn´t have enough controllers to handle all the hydraulic functions (3 or 4 according to the models), which can be equipped to one or many electrovalves. Besides all this, one of the distinct features of the machines is Ovlac's own fixed or oscillating shaft; with the last manages an automatic regulation of the shooting line and the side drift of the plough, managing an always straight labor. Its automatic blockage at elevations or transport makes it the quintessence of safety.


Versatill 3-10: A great-capacity multi-task cultivator, available in 2 and 3 rows, which allows to do 3 different labors with a single machine: shallow harvest labor, in-depth mix, and chisel work. This cultivator comes with Non-Stop Hidro Security System, which allows it to adapt to the different working conditions by adjusting the pressure. The tine is always in the correct working position, making a lesser waste of the joints, while the frame is safe from overworking.


Reptill 12-4: Reptill is a mix of Minivid + Decompactor with Michel 600 tines. So versatile that you can use it as a combined machine as well as a simple short disc harrow, depending on the needs of every moment. Thanks to a parallelogram hydraulically actioned, is possible to regulate the working depth of decompactor tines. At maximum height, these tines are nullified and only the discs work.


MAXIDISC II-400P/30: a tough short-disc harrow, with a light and compacted design. Worth mentioning its felixibility to work at all kind of terrains, with no problem regarding the volume of waste. According to the required working conditions, this machine can be equipped with 20” discs (510 mm) or 24” (610 mm) for depths between 5 and 15 cm. These discs are mounted on independent tines, adapting perfectly to uneven grounds, so they only give up when an obstacle is faced. Plus, the Maxidisc is equiped with Non-Stop 40mm rubber security system, which assure a suspenssion with no spacing nor need for lubing.


Mini NF 9+1: This is a light, tough, simple plough. It comes with several advantages, like the option of working out of the furrow, which avoids the compactation of the working bottom. Plus, a flagship featuring of Ovlac's ploughs is the shaft, that can be fixed or oscillating. With the oscillating shaft we can get an automatic regulation of the shooting draw and the side drift, so it always work straight.


XPF 5+1: a mounted reversible ploughs which incorporates a super tough axis, hollowed for hoses. Made out of a single piece, no welding, no chance of breaking. Likewise, its parallelogram system allows for a soft and simple regulation from the tractor's cabin, even moving. The making of the XPerience is made out of High Elastic Limit Steel (HEL), which guarantees its performance and durability at any terrain. This plough incorporates a super tough axis, hollowed for hoses. Made out of a single piece, no welding, no chance of breaking. Likewise, its parallelogram system allows for a soft and simple regulation form the tractor's cabin, even moving.


Minivid PRO 12: Ovlac's short disc harrow specifically for vineyard. HEL's tine and bearing free of movement are elements thoroughly tested within the range of short disc harrows. This machine's passing levels the ground perfectly, plus, the wines are not affected thank to the side plates that avoid the projection of dirt. Woth mentioning that the bottom plant is cleared since the dirt is projected to the inside.


One more time, as Spain's biggest maker of soil working machinery, Ovlac dully noted its passion for the most innovative agriculture, this time, in Romanian grounds, in Agriplanta 2023.

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