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The Reptill is a combination of Minivid + Decompactor with Michel 600 arms. It can be used either as a combined machine or as a simple fast harrow depending on the needs of the moment. Thanks to a hydraulically operated parallelogram we can adjust the working depth of the decompactor arms. By raising them to the maximum height, these arms are cancelled out by working only the discs.

The Reptill can carry out decompaction, root cutting and mechanical weeding in a single pass, saving several passes needed with other traditional tools such as cultivators, subsoilers and cutters. The front row of discs prevents the arms from getting stuck. In turn, the work of the arms favours intense mixing and incorporation of the surface residue by the discs.

The Reptill can be equipped with various rollers as well as lateral limiting plates to avoid any projection onto the vines. The Reptill can also be equipped with an optional hydraulically lifting frame to facilitate headland manoeuvres.

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