Being the first Spanish manufacturer of soil-working machinery, and one of the most recognised specialist in the industry, comes from cultivating day by day a steady compromise with the quality of the product Ovlac has been offering to their clients since 85 years ago.


Ovlac cultivators are a faithful reflection of the evolution on the design of machinery able to satisfy the expectations of the most demanding agricultors, and the continuous innovation to offer more affordable and profitable equipment.


That´why our cultivators are really unique. They´re made to endure the most extreme working conditions (dry lands, rocky soils...), thanks to the use of High Elastic Limit steel (HEL) on every critic point of the machine and to its structure wielded by robots in order to ensure its resistance and reliability.
It is also worth mentioning its security system by elastomers, which makes that this machines don´t require any maintenace, so the professional only have to worry about making the most out of its crops. This machines can go from 2'5 to 10 metres wide.


The XLander  model have some unique equipment possibilities, a tough chasis based on a potent central frame, with all its articulations, turns and key elements made out of HEL steel, and alternating long and short arms for a clog-free working.
This model has been conceived for incorporating any kind of rear accesories, what makes it a very effective tool, easy to adapt to different kinds or labors and conditions.
Its trailed version, XLander GC, is the perfect solution for high-power tractors.It incorporates central and side wheels of depth control, as well as a roller for a more precise and optimal labor.


On the other hand, the new Versatill  is a high-capacity multi-purpose cultivator available in 2 and 3 rows, allowing to make 3 different tasks with a single machine: surface labor, mix in depth, and chisel.
Plus, its hydraulic security system provides great advantages against the traditional mechanical systems: it keeps the optimal position of the arms to get an even depth of work, allowing the farmer to save up to 30% on fuel and decreasing the waste of the machine up to 20%, extending its useful life. This makes the Versatill  a cultivator with a superior profitability.
The semi-mounted version, Versatill-A, is given an articulated 3D link to the elevating arms of the tractor to provide an optimal traction while working and a precise and simple control of depth. Besides, it incorporates hydraulic shock-absorption as standard, for a more comforting transport.


The farmer looking for reliability and confidence in a cultivator knows that Ovlac's are unique.