OVLAC went to South-America for its first time at Expoactiva, the biggest agricultural trade fair in Uruguay. It was held at the city of Mercedes, counting with an outstanding assistance of public. Its objective was to get to know the news of the main brands in the industry. In this way, OVLAC sent there one of its salesman, Juan De Celis, and introduced some of its more innovative products along its distributor, Eplosur.

In first place, the XLander 2-11, which awoke curiosity among the visitors. This model incorporates a safety system based on rubber soles, which avoids the clearance made by the waste of the moving points, as well as noises. All of this with no maintenance.
After more than 2.000 units sold, the new XLander has evolved along with our experience. Its construction is based on a super tough chasis with a potent central frame. The joints, turns, and key elements are made out of High Elastic Limit steel (HEL). All the XLander versions can be equipped with a great variety of rollers, as well as 2 or 3 row harrows, intermediate harrow or blade harrow with adjustable 16mm angle. As an option, you can also equip tungsten tips.

Plus, an LV plough 2+1 was introduced. It´s a reversible plough that has shearbolt security system. The thickness, quality and position of said bolts are calculated to break at at a tip-point pressure of more than 3.000kg. Let´s remember that ploughs are OVLAC´s flagship products. Other models incorporate different security systems, like the Leafspring and Hydraulic security system.
OVLAC reversible ploughs are mounted on a frame reinforced on its frontal part with no welding in order to eliminate any tension points. They´re really easy to adjust and measure, as well as all the other different types of wheels types and multiple accesories for a better adaptability. A unique feature of OVLAC ploughs is the fixated linkage or OVLAC´s very own oscillating drawbar. This oscillating drawbar achieves an automatic adjustment on the drif line and helps improve the side allignement, achieving an always-straight labour. On the pther hand, the automatic blocking gives security at elevations or when its being transported.

The 5 metres Maxidisc trailed version was introduced as well. This tough short disc harrow has a compact design. Outstands by it great flexibility to work at all kind of terrains and crops withtout wastes volume being a drag while working. According to the required work conditions, the Maxidisc can be equipped with 20" discs (510 mm) or 24" (610 mm) in order to achieve working depths between 5 and 15 cm. This discs are mounted on independent tines, so it can adapt perfectly to unleveled soils, so they only give up when the discs face any obstacle. A great achievement.
Besides, the Maxidisc is equipped with Non Stop security system, based on 40 mm shock-absorbent rubber, which assures a suspension with no clearance and no need to grease up. The maintenance-free bearings warranty the easy going of the machine, even at the toughest conditions. Therefore, we have before our eyes the perfect solution to answer the most demanding farmer´s answers in a fast, effective, and econonomic way. That´s why the Maxcidisc earned the visitors' trust.

In resume, OVLAC news were a susprise in Uruguay. The company keeps on opening new markets due to the great adaptation capacity that the products have on any terrain around the world.

See you all at the next edition of Expoactiva!