Ovlac is a company with over 20 years of experience in export; its growth in an international scale is a faithful reflection of a bet for quality. Its presence in competitive markets such as the german is both a challenge and an opportunity to keep introducing its wide range of products.

Not in vain, Ovlac is the biggest spanish manufacturer of soilworking, an specialist of its own. Coming from this, and its years of tradition, Ovlac looks to overcome themselves day after day with a high degree of professionalization and learning from its customers.

Ovlac decided to enter the german market through Lars Chr. Brix Gmbh, a family-owned bussiness and, at the same time, a distributor that always offers the very best to its costumers. From there its trust in Ovlac, a company whose settlement in the german market reveals its knowledge and passion for soil-working.

The mandatory question, why Germany? Easy, because it´s one of the european countries with the biggest proportion of arable lands, plus its levels of productivity are outstanding. 10% of the production is focused on ecological agriculture, for which one of our flagship products is perfect: Mini. The N model, within its 18 years of existence, has gone through some improvements through never-ending tests in fields in 15 countries.

This plough can be equipped with 2 security systems: Shearbolt or Hydraulic; the last one allows an adjustable pressure depending on the land of labor, plus is available in 5, 7 and 9 bodies, and extendable option in 1 or 2 bodies. In a country such as Germany, that promotes ecological agriculture, it couldn´t be a more fittable product than the Mini-N of Ovlac to answer with the maximum exigence.