Ovlac's advanced depth wheel is a different design that brings two significant benefits: first, it transfers the weight closer to the tractor; second, allows to plough more ground closer to field boundaries.

You will be able to see in action the great Ovlac's AV200 5 Furrow (Auto Reset Hydraulic Vari –Width) Plough with this efficient feature on the Halse Working Demo Plot in Tillage Live Event, next Wednesday 14th September from 8am to 3pm.


The all purpose stubble cultivator Versatill

A 3m version Versatill all purpose stubble cultivator, suitable for high speed seed bed preparation, working depth range from 5 to 35cm, will also be on display in Tillage Live Event. With 10 tines in three rows of leaf spring auto reset with 30cm spacing; and  mixing/levelling disc complete with a non-block reconsolidation roller; this machine is available in Rigid up to 3.5m and folding models up to 5m. Trailed kits are also available.

Fitted at the rear with a spring roller which has excellent self-cleaning and reconsolidation ability. Standard with Tungsten Carbide tines HEL Hardox steel legs. The Versatill offers an extremely strong maintenance free seed bed cultivator.



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