Xperience is the new flagship product from Ovlac; at this argumentary we´ll go through its advantages and why the  XPerience will be your favorite plough.

Let´s start by the Headstock:
-The headstock shaft is 100% welding-free. There are absolutely no welds and that means reliability. The shaft support is made in one piece of cast steel. This support is heated in order to slide the shaft inside. When the support cools down it tightens around the shaft and both parts form a solid set.

-The shaft is hollow so the hoses can go straight to the tractor.
-Last, the hose to adjust the trip pressure of the Hydraulic security as well as the pressure gauge are now integrated in the headstock.


Let´s move now to the Paralellogram section:
-This “H” part links the whole plough to the headstock. The main shaft in the “S” and “L” Series is 50 mm and made of a NiCr steel which is a very high quality steel but offer a slightly softer surface.

-As an option, the 1st furrow width can be adjusted hydraulically and now it can be done “on-the-move” from the tractor cab.
-The working width is also adjusted here with this cylinder. All XP ploughs are equipped with Memory system as standard. This new memory cylinder has all the hose takes at the bottom so the ram is not weakened.
-All cylinders are 100% maintenance-free, no need for greasing.
-Last, the plough is very easy to adjust because of the “parallel” parallelogram and the pivoting cross shaft. There is no need for readjusting the 1st furrow width on changing the working width. Also the alignment is automatically corrected when changing any setting.

Let´s see now the frame and bodies:
-We have a new leg design. This straight part instead of the previous C-shaped legs improves the clearance and allows for a better flow of trash.
-The Vario rod is also redesigned. It is now closer to the main frame so you can plough right to the edge with an advanced wheel.

A very important feature of any plough is the wheel:
-All XP ploughs have 2 wheel brackets as standard: one at the rear and another one for an advanced wheel. This way any wheel can be fitted at any time which is also an advantage for stock holding.
-There is a wide range of wheels available both for transport and depth control: 200, 250, 340. Then you have the 320 and a radial tyre 280 for depth control.

Now that you have the information, it´s time to take the most out of your lands with Ovlac's  XPerience , our favorite plough, and soon will be yours!

Still doubting about it? Check out the XPerience ploughing RIGHT HERE