OVLAC continues its international expansion process. It is worth remembering that around 60% of its turnover is dedicated to exports. In this matter, from January 2024 it will have a new distributor in the demanding Scottish market: Netherton Tractors Ltd. This is one of the main agricultural dealers selling equipment and services in Scotland, operating in Angus, Kinkardine and Fife.

Ovlac and Netherton Tractors Ltd join forces to provide Scottish farmers with a comprehensive range of mounted and semi-mounted ploughs and cultivators. Top quality, reliable, robust and innovative machinery. Products to match the standard of ploughing equipment demanded in Scotland.

Netherton Tractors Ltd's own Managing Director, Garry Smith, confirms that "...Ovlac's build quality and design details were two of the aspects that impressed us most, along with their full warranty". Jorge Calvo, Managing Director of Ovlac, is proud "...to begin a long and fruitful journey with a company of the prestige of Netherton Tractors Ltd, working and supporting them with our expertise as ploughing and tillage specialists".

Nick Clark, Ovlac's UK Sales Director, is optimistic about the deal because it provides "...the opportunity to work with a formidable company whose people have a wealth of ploughing knowledge which, combined with Ovlac's engineering excellence, will help us to advance our position in the Scottish market".

In short, two long-established companies with a commitment to cultivating a better future for Scotland's farm professionals.

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