Ovlac will be at Driffield Show, in Yorkshire, next July 20th to showcase its new reversible ploughs specifically adapted to the local requirements and soil conditions.

Farmers will be able to see working on the field the Ovlac LF-5+1-180/95 model, a plough equipped with Shearbolt security system and mechanically adjustable working width in 4 steps. This plough is designed for up to 260HP tractors and it offers great clearance with muddy soil or great amount of stubble. It also features the no.56 body, specifically conceived for wide tyres.

Also on display there will be a similar plough with a forward-mounted transport wheel which allows for ploughing right to the edge of the field.

Customizable soil working equipment

Wilfred Scruton LTD , one of the most important tractor dealers in the UK, is our distributor in this area and will host our products during this event showcasing a selection of our range of customizable soil working equipment. Stablished in Foxholes in 1896, Wilfred Scruton LTD has also branch offices in Ricall and is still family owned with an excellent recognition from its faithful clients. It has a distribution agreement with Ovlac for all the Yorkshire area.

Ovlac is the largest manufacturer in Spain of soil working equipment and has remarkably grown in the British market due to its adapted solutions that reaches specific markets needs with a wide range of accessories, versions and options to customize each model.