OVLAC was present at the 41st Lamma edition, UK's biggest agricultural event, which took place at Birmingham.
The event regisetered a great number of visitors, whose aim is to know all the news from the best brands in the sector. Ovlac's stand received copious visits, whom had the chance to appreciate its most groundbreaking products.


Nick Clark, Jorge Calvo, Jesús Cotelo, y Juan De Celis en el stand de Ovlac en Lamma23


For example, the models XPHV-OL 5+1 180/95 and XPFV 5-130/95. The XPerience is a mounted reversible plough that incorporates a super tough hollowed axis so the hoses can go through. Made out of a single piece, no welding and chance of breaking. As well, its parallelogram system allows for a soft and easy regulation from the tractor's cabin, even moving. The making of XPerience is made out of High Elastic Limit Steel (HEL), which guarantees its performance and durability at any terrain.
The XP-OL 5+1 180/95 is the product of years of research since the first XP launched. Its advanced design includes technical features that makes it suitable to work both in and out of the furrow. The most remarking change in this model is an oversized hairpin with 2 cylinders: one controls the width of the first body, the other one closes the plough for a safe turning. Its biggest contribution is based on a lesser compactation of the terrain. On the other hand, working out-of-furrow requires less traction, and therefore it saves fuel.
The XPFV 5-130/95 counts with Ovlac's Varilabor system, which offers the possibility of changing the working width of each body between 30 and 55 cm from the tractor´s cabin. To this you can also add the Automatic Memory System, available in the models of 5 and 6 bodies, which allows to retract the first body to its minimum width for a soft turning. Everything is studied, it even avoids to the ground with the rear end, going back after the turning to the previously selected position.


Another model that surprised was the Mini NF-9-V. Let´s remember that the Mini has been specifically designed as a shallow plough to manage big volumes of waste at a minor depth (between 8 and 20 cm). It gathers the advantages of the traditional laboring and shallow ploughing. Is in this way that traditional ploughing constitutes the best and more sustainable method for plague control.
It's about a light, simple and tough plough. It brings great advantages, such as working out of furrow, which avoids the compactacion of the bottom labored ground. Plus, a characteristic feature of Ovlac ploughs is the linkage, which can be fixed or oscillating; By the way, with this last you get an automatic regulation of the draw line and the side drift, achieving and always-straight labor.



The XLander 3-19-PV also had protagonism. From the beggining, Ovlac revolutioned the traditional cultivator or semichisel when assembling an innovative security system based on rubber protection. There was multiple advantages: the clearances produced the waste of moving elements, distinctive from spring systems, disappeared, as well as the annoying noises. Plus, no need for maintenance and with way superior featurings comparing to the spring systems.
Sales surpassed the 2.000 units. The success was so big that Ovlac established a new quality standard in the industry. The new XLander is built from a very tough chasis based on a potent central frame. The joints, turns and key elements are made out of High Elastic Limit Steel (HEL). Another innovation is the displayment of long and short arms in an alternate way assuring that, specially in 2 rows models, an important improvement in the flow of waste for a clog-free labor.
All the versions of the XLander can be equipped with a great variety of rollers,  as well as 2 or 2 rows harrows, intermediate blade harrow, or 16mm adjustable angle harrow. As an option, there´s also tungsten carbide points available.



At last, the Versatill 3-10 also left an imprint. Is a great capacity polivalent cultivator, available in 2 and 3 rows, which allows to do 3 different labors with a single machine: cultivating shallow labor, a mixing-in-depth labor and a chisel labor. Quite an achievement.
This cultivator comes with the Non-Stop Hydraulic Security System, which allows to adapt to the different conditions of the terrain by regulating the pressure. The arm is always in the right working position, which produces a lesser waste on the joints and the frame is protected from derivative overstress.

Ovlac, which has been more than a decade selling its products at the british market, keeps loyal to the commitment of offering the farmers innovative and quality products. See you all at the next edition!