And we reach the end of another year!

A "strange" year, to say the less, impacted again with the Co-Vid in our lives, a noticeable print in the distribution of resources of every industry, with longer delivery times, and production level struggling to keep equal before a never-stopping demand. But is in this circumnstances when we show our better selves; in our our particular case, it´s been a year marked by success and growth:

  • We have improved our polyvalent cultivator, the Versatill.
  • Our factory team has increased due to the high demand of our products.
  • We have added 3 new salesman to our sales department: Manuel Cáceres as a national salesman, Juan De Celis as international salesman, and Nick Clark as our representative of Ovlac in United Kingdom and Ireland.
  • We are at the moment working on the details of an upcoming prototype that will be released in 2022.
  • We have been making 85 years of quality! An aniversary that we couldn´t be more proud of, specially in such a year, branded by uncertainty in a lot of industries, Ovlac has managed that with effort, hope, and the search for excellence you can strive and prosper, even in the worst storms.

¡Happy New Year to you all! Thanks for supporting us and making of Ovlac the quality standard that we have always aspired to be, for more years to come!


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