Ovlac was present at Innov-Agri with its distributor Tadys, with whom it has a perfect understanding. This distributor is well established in the French market and knows that Ovlac's products meet their requirements.

The event took place in Outarville and brought together the best brands in the sector. On the ground, Ovlac exhibited a selection of its most representative models, which were surprising by their innovative air. These models were presented on the stand with detailed information.

The Mini was the first Ovlac product to be introduced on the French market. It was followed by other models from its wide range, which were also in great demand.

Over the years, French farmers have come to appreciate Ovlac's high degree of specialisation as a manufacturer of soil tillage machinery. Ovlac enjoys a great brand image in France. The quality of its products, as well as the good customer service of Tadys, have contributed to earning the customer's trust. Customers feel ready to start working on their land, only having to adjust the machine to the characteristics of their land.
The Innov-Agri event took place over three intense days, when Ovlac exhibited several models that demonstrated their high level of technical equipment.

To begin with, the Mini NH 9+2 equipped with an ECO-FLOW grid for improved waste flow is worth being mentioned. It is a light, simple and robust implement. As a significant detail, it is worth mentioning its off-furrow. The Mini NH 9+2 is a light, simple and robust implement. On the other hand, the shallow work of this plough reduces power consumption. It is a very successful product that combines the advantages of traditional ploughing and minimum tillage.
It has been specifically designed as a shallow plough to manage large volumes of waste at shallow depths. Incidentally, one of the distinguishing features of Ovlac's implements is the brand's own hitch: fixed or oscillating. The latter provides automatic regulation of the draft line and side drift of the plough, so that it is always kept straight. Also, automatic locking when lifting or during transport ensures safety.


The Xlander 3-22, which is solid by nature, also stood out. Ovlac revolutionised the traditional cultivator or semi-chisel by incorporating an innovative safety system based on rubber elastomers. A real achievement, since the spacing caused by the wear of the moving parts, very common in spring systems, disappeared. And with the advantage of being maintenance-free. After more than 2.000 units sold, Ovlac has put all its experience into the new XLander, which has become a benchmark. This model has a very robust axis based on a powerful central frame, whose joints, pivots and key elements are made of HEL steel. Another significant development is the alternate arrangement of short and long arms, which ensures a significantly improved waste flow for clog-free operations. The XLander, in all its versions, can be equipped with a variety of different rollers and scrapers.


Last but not least, the 4m folding Maxidisc II surprised with its high performance. It is the latest generation of Ovlac's high-speed harrows. Its compact and sturdy design is designed for high performance. It enables work to be carried out on all types of terrain and on all types of crops without the waste' volume being a problem. Depending on the working conditions, 20" or 24" discs can be mounted on independent tine arms for more uniform work when facing obstacles. It gathered everyone's attention because of the speed, efficiency and profitability it brings.

In short, the Ovlac models showed their qualities at this top-level trade fair. In the same way, they also left the impression of a manufacturer who works as a specialist.

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