Another year that comes to us the news of Denamrk´s Ploughing Contest. Organized by Young Farmers Org Landboungdom, this contest has been perpetrated for its 67º edition, gathering the best young tractor drivers from Denamrk to show their working skills.

This contest already gave us some really good feeling with Kasper Hombo´s last year Victory of the stubble category with an Hydraulic Auto-Reset Reversible SH .

This year, OVLAC managed to get another podium at this important contest, thanks to the skills and accuracy of Nis Geertsen, champion of the Junior Reversible Plough category.

For this try out of accuracy and quality, Nis had decided to bet on the SH of 4 bodies of the series 130, 95 cm inter-body clearance, X-Light tines, y hydraulic wheels. In order to top this beauty, comes with V-90 bodies, large capacity skimmers, share knives, and coulter discs.

Congratulations to Nis for its great work and to Young Farmers Org Landboungdom for this awesome chance to prove the potential of both farmers and the machinery they trust. We´ll keep working hard in order to live up to the expectations of the upcoming years. See you all next year!