Ovlac approaches the Far Orient. Loyal to its distribution policy, it continues crossing frontiers to offer its innovative products in China. Over there has started to work with a new distributor called Ten Square International, a Chinese-American society. It is the exclusive Chinese distributor of such prestigious brands as Monosem and, until recently, Great Plains and Hagie as well.

This agreement between Ovlac and Ten Square International is focused, in a first stage, in the ploughs commercialization on Heilongjiang region, placed at the north-east part of the country. A region with great expectations because of the importance of crops like corn for the next years.

Ovlac is present in China, the Asian giant. They received the first units on the month of March to be introduced on different trade fairs. And not only that, throughout this spring different exhibitions will be made before potential customers from those lands, a great achievement in a market full of possibilities.

Nuevo importador en China