OVLAC was present at Rueda due to Demoagro, an stellarship event in both Spain and Europe. It was a great meeting between all the professionals of the sector and agricultural machinery manufacturers, which were very satisfied of sharing this experience. No doubt, an excelent opportunity to witness live a parade of working agricultural machinery, change opinions and make new contacts. Audience's flow surpassed last editions, furthermore, not even the untamed weather managed to put the show down. OVLAC actively participated on the field demonstration. On one hand, did it with live-demos; On the other hand, there was an static exhibition of its more innovative and flagship products.

Between demos, some models standed out, like the Xperience On Land, the most avant-garde reversible plough, which arose as a result of years of research since the launching of the first XP. Is adapted to work both in and out of the furrow. In this way, the only limiting aspect being the width of the wheels, since working out of the furrow the tractor ends up compacting more soil out than is taking out. The most siginifacnt change of this model is an oversized hairpin with 2 cylinders: one controls 1st body width; the other one closes the plough so it can turn. Adds several advantages, such as lesser compactation of the terrain, plus, while working out of the furrow, asks for lesser traction, which translates in fuel saving.

4 metres Versatill showed off its extraordinary conditions. Is a polyvalent cultivator of great capacity, available in 2 & 3 rows, which allows it to do 3 different labors with a single machine: shallow crop labor, a mixing labor in depth, and chisel labor. This cultivator has the Non-Stop Hidro System, which allows him to adapt to the terrain' conditions by regulating pressure. The arm is always wokring on the right position, a minor waste is produced on the joints and the frame is protected before overwork.

XLander GC also showcased its qualities. Is the perfect solution for big power tractors, whith wheels or track wheels, from 250 to 500 HP. Its performance can reach up to 8 ha/h, thanks to the width of 7'15 to 10 metres and the working speed, which can go up to 10 km/h. A key factor is that the transport wheels are ahead of the machine when is set to working position, unless other machines like this. Therefore, this big wheels can be used for an optimal depth control even at the hardest conditions. The 2 hydraulic memories, which control the working depth and the angle attack of the arms, making the use of this machine easier by a lot, since allows it to get back to the pre-fixated adjustments after the maneuvers on the headboard or after a change of the regulation in a particular zone.

The Maxidisc-A surprised remarkably. Is a tough short disc harrow, with a light and compact design. It stands out by its great flexibility to work at all kind of terrains and over any crop, without being stopped by the amount of waste.According to the conditions that require the job, this machine can be equipped with 20" (510 mm) or 24" (610 mm) discs to reach depths between 5 and 15 cm. Such dics are mounted over independent arms, which can be adapted perfectly to the unlevelled terrain, in a way that it only gives up when the discs are facing obstacles. Besides, Maxidisc is equiped with 40 mm rubber Non-Stop, which assure a hanging with no waste and no need to grease up.

On the other hand, OVLAC statically showcased its most representative models of its range.

It is the case of the XPerience HV, a reversible mounted plough that counts with a super tough axis, hollowed for the hoses to go through, made out of a single piece, no welding, no chance of breaking. This model in specific, includes the Ovlac Varilabor System, which lets you change the working width of everybody between 30 and 55 cm hydraulically from the cabin. Besides, the Automatic Memory System available at the 5 and 6 bodies allows to retract the 1st body to its minimum width for a soft turning, avoiding to hit the ground with the rear end.

The XLander claimed people´s attention for a couple of reasons. Incorporates a security system based on rubber that avoids the holes produced by the waste of mobile elements, as well as noises. After more than 2.000 units sold, it evolved with the value of experience. Its construction bases on a super tough chasis with a hard central frame. Joints, turns and key elements are made of HEL steel. All the XLander versions can be equipped with a great variety of rollers and harrows.

Mini plough had it share of protagonism. Is specifically designed as a shallow plough able to manage big waste volumes between 8 and 20 cm. Gathers the advantages for traditional ploughing and shallow ploughing. We stand before a light, simple, and tough plough. Addind different advantages, such as working out of furrow, which avoids compacting the soil.

The Minichisel Vineyard is a version of the popular Minichisel conceived specifically for vineyard. Several reasons make it unique, such as 35*35mm arms of great clearance, its arms positioned on different lines on the same row for a better flow of waste and avoid clogging, the standard hydraulic telescopic chasis and the exclusive Ovlac's Non Stop System through rubber.

Minivid showed itself and its virtues. Is Ovlac's short disc harrow specifically made for vineyard. After this machine, the terrain remains perfectly leveled and the vines aren´t affected thanks to the side plates which avoid projecting the soil. Also, the plant's foot is cleared, since the earth on both sides is projected to the inside. The front row projects the soil to the outside while the rear row, wider, makes it to the inside. The roller finishes the labor by levelling and unearthing.

Last but no least, the 4m Versatill outstanded by its awesome polivalency, both in static and demos.

To summarise, Demoagro was a very involving event; You could tell the thrill for sharing again moments like this. The Ovlac team was there, showing off the products quality and also its specilalization degree as a Soil Working Machinery manufacturer.


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