Conventional mounted
  • Conventional mounted ploughs with up to 6 bodies.
  • Two security systems available: shear bolt –FF model– or leaf spring auto reset–FB model-.
  • A wide selection of accessories available: skimmers, trash boards, wheels, discs, coulters, etc.

Conventional mounted

Two conventional mounted models round up the Ovlac plough line. The FF model is a simpler an inexpensive option. It fits shear bolt security system, designed to break at a pressure of 3.000 kg, and manual four-step adjustable working width.

The FB model is fitted with Ovlac´s leaf spring security system –which is 100% maintenance-free- as well as with hydraulically adjustable working width between 20 and 50cm per body.

Ovlac has an broad experience in manufacturing both models, so their design is fully consolidated. Both the FF and FB models guarantee a long service life without problems.

Technical specs

“FF: shear bolt security system. Manually four-step adjustable width”>

WORKING WIDTHBODY SPACINGCLEARANCEFRAMEWEIGHTPOWER (HP)EXTENSIBLEFF-260-70-80-9085- 9572110*11043060-80YESFF-390-105-120-13585 -9572110*11056590-120YESFF-4120-140-160-18085 -9572110*110700120-160YESFF-4+1150-175-200-22585 – 9572110*110840150-200NOFF-5150-175-200-22585 – 9572100*150880150-200YESFF-5+1180-210-240-27085 – 9572100*1501040180-240NO


FB model: Non Stop leaf spring security system. Hydraulically adjustable working width

FB-260 – 100 hidr.85- 95 -10572100*15068060-80YES
FB-390 – 150 hidr.85 -95 -10572100*15086090-120YES
FB-4120 – 200 hidr.85 – 9572100*1501045120-160YES
FB-4+1150 – 250 hidr.85 – 9572100*1501310150-200NO
FB-5150 – 250 hidr.85- 95 -10572150*1501390150-200YES
FB-5+1180 – 300 hidr.85 -95 -10572150*1501580180-240NO



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