XLander GC

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XLander GC

The trailed version of your favorite cultivator


TheXLander GC is the answer for tractors of great power from 250 to 500 CV. The performance can go up to 8 ha/h ( depends on the plot of land and the soil worked ) thanks to its width of 7,15 to 10,00 m and its working speed that can go up to 10 km/h ( depends on the conditions and the labor required ).

A key point is that the transport wheels are placed ahead of the machine in working position, unlike many trailed machinery of this kind. This way, this big dimension wheels can be used for an optimal depth control, even in very adverse conditions, plus, it doesn´t step on the arms labor.

On the other side, the 2 hydraulic memories, that control the working depth and the attack angle of the arms ( 3rd point function ), ease the use of this machine by a lot, since it allows to return to the already established ajustments after the headstock maneuvers or after a change of regulation at a particular zone.

The building of the XLander GC comes from a very tough chasis  based on a potent central frame. All the joints, turns and key elements are made out of High Elastic Limit Steel. Another relevant innovation is the display of long and short arms in an alternate way assuring an important imrpovement in the flow of wastes for a clogging-free labor.

Other of its characteristics are:

-3 rows of arms displayed in stagger for a “V” flow that allows the circulation of abundant vegetal matter.
-Space beneath the frame of 74 cm (depends on the type of share mounted in).
-Space between rows of 63 cm.
-Space between arms of 23 cm.
-Pressure on the point of 300 kg.
-Great variety of accesories
-2 hydraulic memories of adjustment.
-Side wheels for depth control and central wheels for control and transport.

Available to equipe with a great variety of rollers, as well as tine harrows of 2 or 3 rows, intermediate blade harrow or 16 mm harrow of adjustable angle. As an option shares made out of tungsten.


Technical specs


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