• We export 60% of our production to more than 20 countries.
  • In the last 25 years in Ovlac we have achieved a great recognisement in the international market.

After adquiring an important leadership in the spanish market as Soil Working Machinery manufacturers, from Ovlac we decided to launch ourselves into international markets by the end of the 90s. Ever since, our international position has gotten stronger, exporting nowadays around 60% of our production to other countries.

From the beggining of our international oppening, in Ovlac we've seen competing with international brands as a challenge, adapt to the quality standards of other countries and to proof the quality of our products abroad. We like challenges, and we´ve always wanted to expand our horizons. International expansion was our great opportunity and the best way to keep growing.

With time and well done work, at Ovlac we´ve managed an important recognisement in the international market. Nowadays we are a brand settled around the whole european continent, that have proven the adaptability of its machines, in the mediterranean weather zone as well as in the harsh conditions of Northern Europe. Counting with different ranges of Soil-Working Machinery, able to adapt to all kind of powers, soils, and budgets, has been our main strength.

La versatilidad de los aperos Ovlac, la principal fortaleza para su expansión internacional


Competitive advantages

Thanks to our broad experience, in Ovlac we´ve managed a series of competitive advantages that have provided our succesfull international expansion. Some of these are:

  • Our position as a soil-working machinery manufacturer leader in a country with such a diverse agriculture as Spain. This has helped us prove our adaptability to different lands, weather, and needs of the costumer.
  • Our 86 years of experience, from 1936, with a continuous growth.
  • The support of our team of professionals from the sector, motivated and focused into offering the best products and services.
  • Our excelent after-sales and costumer service.
  • The integration from local experts in sales at certain areas of Europe, such as Romania or England, in order to ease our presence over there.


All this strengths have favored the development of a wide range of polivalent products for different kinds of soils.
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The Mouldboard Plough and the Mini Shallow Plough

The success aquired in our international expansion is mainly due to the high quality of our machinery, which are able to adapt to any working requirement. Both for the choose of its security systems as well as the combination of its rear accesories and wheels that are able to create a perfect plough for each type of land.

Nevertheless, we could say that our products, the mouldboard plough and the shallow plough are the ones that have had the best welcome. The first ones were requested from the very beggining, and the second ones are increasing its presence due to the rise of ecological agriculture worldwide. This are a product for high-productivity shallow soil-working, which is specially designed for an effective mechanical control of plagues as an alternative to the use of phytosanitary products.

The versatility of our products has made them possible to be exported over more than 20 countries in demanding and competitive markets such as South Africa, New Zealand, China, Japan, or Chile.

La versatilidad de los aperos Ovlac, la principal fortaleza para su expansión internacional


Network of trustworthy distributors

On the other hand, our expansion has been possible thanks to our broad network of trustworthy distributors on different countries. We´ve always been close to them, listening to their feedback and adapting to their particular needs with great flexibility. Among them is worthy of mention our distributors from France and Scandinavia.

France because of being our main market abroad. Also, because due to the proximity of the country, as well as because of the professional service of our french distributor Tadys, with whom we´ve been working for over 16 years.

And Scandinavia, where we´ve been present for a lot of years as well, because of the develope of a perfect adaptation of our products to the local demands of a great expert such as our distributor, Jens Iversen, a former Plough World Champion and CEO of Farm Implement.


A promising Future

Our future is represented  by a continuous growth and a strong international presence. Nowadays, we´re specially focused in the german market, where the ecological agriculture is a potent thrust of our Mini shallow ploughs.

Generally, we can say that the rise of different soil-working techniques coming from the European Union (EU) are thrusted towards a more sustainable agriculture, that bring us a huge field of opportunities that from Ovlac, as specialist in last generation machinery, we´re determinated to exploit.


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