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  • Tough headstock, weld-free

  • Super compact design to work even the edge of the terrain.

  • Parallelogram system which allows the regulation of the 1st body, even rolling on.

  • Great variety of options


The last innovation in reversible ploughs. After more than 15 years marketing reversible ploughs in more than 20 countries, and the experience that it entails, we felt it was the moment to take the next step in our models of the line S and L. That is how the XPerience is born, a reversible mounted plough which represents the future of our flagship products.

Among its new improvements,  it features a super-tough hollow headstock shaft with space for hoses, made out of a single cast piece, no welding, no possibility of fractures. Its parallelogram system allows a soft and simple regulation from the tractor´s booth, even on-the-move. The new design of the legs assures an optimal flow of trash, while its compact design allows for work up to the edge of the field. In addition, the wheel can be placed either at the rear or at the front within the plough width. Finally, the XPerience is made out of high elastic limit (HEL) steel which assures its durability and performance in the most adverse conditions.
The working width of the XP models (XPF and XPH) can be adjusted manually in 4 steps of 5 cm by changing the position of the brackets bolted on to the frame.
On the other hand
, all XP-V models (XPFV and XPHV) include Ovlac´s Varilabor system, which allows to change the working width between 30 and 50cm hydraulically from the booth.

Besides that, the standard Automatic Memory System allows to retract the plough to its minimum width for a gentle turn and avoids to hit the ground with the wheel, coming back then to the previously selected width.

Furthermore, one of the distinctive features of the XPerience is the oscillating drawbar, characteristic of Ovlac; with it you can get automatic adjustment of the draw line and side alignment of the plough, achieving an always-straight job. Its automatic locking system when lifting the plough make it a fundamental security feature.

Available in 3 series (130, 150, 180) and 2 security systems (Shear Bolt and Hydraulic) the XPerience is designed to adapt to any medium and high power tractor.
While the 130 and 150 series are available in 4 and 5 bodies, the 180 series is offered in 5 or 6 bodies, intended for the more powerful tractors.
With our different body options, accessories and wheels, set the XPerience your way so it adapts perfectly to your fields.

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