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Trailed version of the popular Minichisel. Compact and stable on the road design. Very easy to use and adjust.
Available in working widths up to 10 m


Maxidisc - Compact Harrow

The MAXIDISC II is the last generation of short disc harrows developed by Ovlac. It gathers all the experience and know-how collected over more than 10 years manufacturing, testing and selling short disc harrows in many different markets and conditions. Working angles, overload protection, hubs, bearings, tines, frame …there are a series of key factors which determine the success or failure of a short disc harrow. The Maxidisc II meets the highest expectations for each one of these key elements.

Available with 20” or 24” discs. Every disc is held by an independent tine. Sealed, 100% maintenance-free hubs with 2 conical bearings.


Minidisc detalle. Ovlac Arados y maquinaria agricola.

Versatill is the new all-purpose, large-clearance cultivator from Ovlac. 3 ranges of auto reset leafspring tines followed by a set of discs and roller guarantee a perfect job even in the most demanding fields.


Minichisel detalle. Ovlac Arados y maquinaria agricola.

All of the advantages of a traditional spring cultivator but with no maintenance at all. No pins. No bushes. Forget about greasing. Forget about plays. Available in 2 or 3 rows with working widths from 3 to 7 m.


Minireversible detalle. Ovlac Arados y maquinaria agricola.

The MINI from OVLAC is conceived to gather the advantages of traditional and minimum tillage. Shallow ploughing ( 10-20 cm ) allows an optimal burying of trash and, therefore, an efficient weed control. All of this with working widths up to 40% larger than with a traditional plough.

Ovlac´s Guarantee

Manufacturing plant

Ovlac is Spain´s largest manufacturer of mouldboard ploughs.

Quality and reliability guaranteed by an experience of more than 70 years in the business.

Thanks to our up-to-date production means and technology as well as to our own R&D department we can offer top quality products.

Ovlac´s exporting experience goes back to 1.980 and we are currently present in more than 20 countries all over the world.

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